Book a repair

For mobile devices please provide IMEI this can be found by going into settings and about device
eg. broken display..
1. During the process of repair, some or all of your stored data may be lost. Please ensure that you have saved this data elsewhere prior to repair. You should backup your data before dropping off your phone / device to us. Also any exposed data may be viewed in the process of repair and / or other work. We are in no way responsible for any data loss because of damage, loss, theft, intermittent issues, or any other reason whatsoever. Data includes contacts, photos, apps, music, and any data stored on the phone / SIM / memory. 2. Sadly no data whatsoever is recoverable. There is a chance of damage with any repair / service and you the customer recognize & agree to this risk. You also acknowledge that there is always a chance of new symptoms developing after your job is received. Mobile Technology Repairs and all parties concerned are not liable for any loss of your data, information, and purchased or non purchased content in anyway, shape or form. It is the customers responsibility to make a backup of their data before booking their device in. We take no responsibility for any data loss whatsoever. 3. All Servicing, Repairs & Upgrades may void the original manufacturer’s warranty. Please contact the manufacturer for more information. 5. We are not responsible for any memory cards, SIM cards or any other peripheral whatsoever allegedly left with us or in your phone or item. If an item is left with us for testing ie. a game or hard disk make sure the item is sighted, and signed off by our staff. 6. Only the part repaired/replaced & the associated labor is covered under our warranty. This means that if you have a iPhone screen repaired and your iPhone stops reading SIM cards then this is not covered under warranty. Only the screen is covered under warranty, not the entire phone. 7. It is your responsibility to check your phone’s IMEI, it is not our responsibility to check if your phone is blocked by a carrier either now or in the future. Furthermore a unlock will not unblock your phone. 8. Due to factors beyond our control we cannot guarantee that Apple’s Touch-ID and/or Face ID will work on enabled devices after repair. 9. Warranty repairs will only be given if the original receipt is presented. 10. We are an independent phone repairer and not affiliated with any manufacturer in anyway including Apple Inc. All our repairs use compatible or refurbished parts only. None of our repairs, products, or parts are official nor endorsed, authorized or refurbished by Apple or any other company. 11. After servicing, your device will not be water or dust resistant. Mobile Technology Repairs is not liable for any liquid-damaged issues you may experience and/or related costs/damages you may incur. 12. Please be aware that no physical damage will be covered by our warranty. Any scratches, dents, cracks, water ingress or any other physical damage will void your warranty. Please ensure you have adequate protection for your device.