PowerShield Centurion 6000VA Tower UPS, True Online Double Conversion


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The PowerShield Centurion UPS provides a permanent backup power solution for sensitive devices such as medical equipment and internet routers._x000D_
Use Power Shield Centurion to protect:_x000D_
•Critical power applications_x000D_
•Items in remote areas (over 30 kms outside of city grid)_x000D_
•Where light to heavy industrial equipment is utilised_x000D_
•Where generators are present_x000D_
•Applications that require remote connectivity_x000D_
Tower Features:_x000D_
•True Online Double Conversion_x000D_
•Wide input voltage range_x000D_
•Input power factor correction 0.98_x000D_
•50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode_x000D_
•Programmable power outlets_x000D_
•Emergency power off function (EPO)_x000D_
•Optional Eco-mode operation for energy saving_x000D_
•Generator compatible_x000D_
•Backup time for all models is easily extended by simply plugging additional battery banks_x000D_
•Battery banks are available with internal charger to enable fast recharge even with large battery banks_x000D_
•USB, RS232, SNMP and AS400 multiple communications availalble_x000D_
•Extendable maintenance bypass available for all models_x000D_
•N+X parallel redundancy available for 6K/10K model