Powershield PSNSPDU8S Navigator Smart PDu, 8x IEC 10A Output, 1x IEC 16A inled Plug


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The PowerShield Navigator Managed PDU is an internet ready device designed to allow administrators to remotely_x000D_
and individually control the AC power for up to eight connected devices such as servers, routers, modems and telephone_x000D_
networks. Moreover, the user is able to pre-configure to turn on/off specific outlets when an event occurs._x000D_
The Navigator PDU offers easy set up and user-friendly communications and control methods. Once connected to an_x000D_
ethernet connection, the administrator will be notified of a web IP address and can manage and monitor the power of_x000D_
the devices from anywhere in the world via the web browser._x000D_
Remote Access_x000D_
• Remotely turn on/off/reset any or all NetSwitch outlets_x000D_
• Set sequential scheduled power on/off/reset to each_x000D_
outlet with durations_x000D_
• Perform multiple PC shutdown when AC fails or battery_x000D_
is low_x000D_
UPS Management_x000D_
• Connect compatible UPSs for real-time remote_x000D_
monitoring, management and control and perform UPS_x000D_
self tests_x000D_
Multi Platform_x000D_
• Monitor individual outlets for AMPs, KwH, Watts and Volts_x000D_
• Support advanced encryption of HTTPS, SSL, SSH and_x000D_
• Event notification via email, SMS or trap_x000D_
Environmental Monitoring_x000D_
• Environmental monitoring option (PSEMB) to observe_x000D_
humidity and temperature