Seagate 4TB LaCie Rugged Raid Portable USB 3.0,. External HDD STFA4000400 , 3 Years Warranty


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Product Overview_x000D_
The LaCie Rugged™ RAID delivers a game-changing blend of PC and Mac®_x000D_
compatibility, capacity, speed, mobility, and reliability. As the ultimate solution for_x000D_
on-the-go professionals, the LaCie Rugged adapts to the need for performance or_x000D_
complete data security._x000D__x000D_
Use Cases_x000D_
Field-Based Content Storage: With 4 TB of capacity in RAID 0, the LaCie_x000D_
Rugged offers massive amounts of storage to carry all the content needed for_x000D_
ongoing projects. Acquire more photos, footage, and other types of content in_x000D_
the field with a single solution than ever before._x000D_
Field-Based Editing: In RAID 0, users get up to 240 MB/s, which provides_x000D_
enough bandwidth to store and transfer twice as many photos at twice the_x000D_
speed. Users can even start to edit photos in the field with Adobe®_x000D_