Targus 4-Port USB Hub Black – Compatible with PC and MAC


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Targus 4-Port USB Hub Black – Compatible with PC and MAC_x000D_
Add more USB ports to your computer with the Targus 4 Port USB Hub. If you’ve found that you’ve run out of USB ports for all the accessories you want to use, then the Targus Hub is the perfect option, offering a compact design with compatibility with all computers._x000D_
Expand Your Ports_x000D_
Now you can use more USB devices with your computer, with the Targus USB hub turning one free USB port into four, giving you more options than before._x000D_
Compact Design_x000D_
Not only will the Targus USB Hub let you connect more of your USB accessories to your computer, but it has a compact design that will prevent clutter from building up on your desk._x000D_
Widely Compatible_x000D_
The Targus USB Hub is compatible with PC, Mac and Netbook computers, meaning that regardless of what computer you have, the USB Hub will work without having to install any software._x000D_
The Targus 4-Port 2.0 Hub is a convenient and compact way to use more USB ports than your computer has available. The hub is USB powered so there is no need to plug in an AC adapter, giving you the ability to connect up to four electronic devices to your laptop all at once. You have the capability to Sync and access your devices such as phones and External hard drives with this compact design, making it an easy solution to take it along with you anywhere you go._x000D_
Turns 1 USB port into four with one open port_x000D_
A compact design_x000D_
Mac & Netbook computers_x000D_
RoHS Compliant_x000D_
Ability to connect up to four electronic devices