Targus 45W USB-C Power, Built-in Power Supply Protection; 1.8M Cable 2 Years Limited Warranty


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• Compatible with USB-C laptops, tablets, and_x000D_
• USB-C Power Delivery charges USB-C laptops up_x000D_
to 45W_x000D_
• Built-in power supply protection: Ensure safe use_x000D_
with over voltage, over current, and over_x000D_
temperature protection_x000D_
• Cable management tie for organization and easy_x000D_
• 1.8 M cable length_x000D_
• 2 Year Limited Warranty_x000D_
Model APA106AU_x000D_
Colour Black_x000D_
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty_x000D_
UPC Code 00 92636348298_x000D_
Unit Weight 0.36kg_x000D_
Country of Origin China_x000D_
Product Dimension (Power Brick) 9.2 x 2.8 x 4 cm (L x D x W), 180g Qty: 1_x000D_
Package Dimension 12.39cm x 15.19cm x 4.59 cm (W x D x H), 0.36kg Qty: 1_x000D_
Master Carton Dimension 36.59 x 33.79 x 16.60 cm (L x W x H), 4.19kg Qty: 12