ALOGIC 10 Port USB Charger with Smart Charge – 10 x 2.4A Outputs (100W) – Prime Series


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The VROVA Plus 10 Port USB charger allows to charge 10 USB devices at the same time. The VROVA Plus charger is crafted from Aluminium resulting in a light durable and robust design. Each of the 10 USB ports of the charger can output a maximum current of up to 2.4A with a total of 100W output.Ultra Powerful:The VROVA Plus charger is a powerhouse and outputs 100W of power from its 10 ports for charging multiple devices at once in the shotes possible time.   Smart Charge Technology:VROVA’s Smart Charge Technology allows the charger to detect the maximum power your device needs and limits the current to a maximum of 2.4A per port to keep the device safe and charge at the fastest possible rate.Safe & Efficient:The latest Smart charge controller provides protection against over heating over voltage short circuit and over current. The charger is certified for use in many different countries across the world including US UK Europe Australia Japan Korea with all the required regulatory approvals.Only comes included with the power adapter for the country the adapter is purchased in.Elegant Design:The VROVA 10 Port USB Charger has a small foot print housed in an Aluminium enclosure. It features horizontally positioned ports with a slight angle for ergonomic use. All USB ports are sufficiently spaced making the charger suitable for many different type of accessories.